Audacity of Belief – 5 steps to “Choosing from Creation”

Aug 14, 2017

When we believe, we act or speak as though we have had an experience that predisposes us to a particular outcome when moving forward.  A set of thoughts, actions, AND philosophies.

Belief is the backbone of all accomplishment.  In order for us to accomplish something that is outside of our wheelhouse we must first discover and install belief. 

The pathway for this installation of belief is to  go out into the world and get either the education or experience.  Not a great choice for most who are excited about creating right here and now.

So, for the brave at heart, those who have the Audacity of Belief, we can go another route.

In our quintessential IHT work, QuantuMantra (offered freely every first Friday by registering in our community & attending either online or in person), we begin by eliminating the internal D’s:  disbelief, doubt, difficulties & doldrums. . . Yup, that we do. 

Step 1:  Going into the Freedom Breath calls from us, and pulls out of our selves, the unconscious mind stuff that we walk around with on a daily basis.  That stuff, stuck in our cells, unconscious to most, and reproducing after it’s kind. . .moment by moment, magnetically calling to us what we claim we do not want but whoa. . . we keep on seeing it reoccur in our lives.  So, Freedom Breath first. 

Step 2:  Now completed with practicing the Freedom Breath, we are ready to practice eliciting the thought of what we are choosing from creation and project it as our intention.  That intention, fully thought out, is essential to this divine process.

Step 3:  Experiencing, eliciting, imagining, seeing, and engaging the 5 senses.  We refer to that as saturating the senses.  Really feeling the taste, touch, feel, sound & smell of the experience of our Choice in Creation.

We use that term, Choosing from Creation, in it’s various forms,  to depict the fact that it is not possible to think anything at all unless it was viable and available right now in the whole of our Universe.

Step 4:  Finally, in this Choosing from Creation, we enter into the strongest emotional state possible for us.  It is the state you will experience as you attain the object of our ‘Choosing from Creation’.  This is where the Audacity of Belief really comes into play.  Having the courage to really feel the emotion of the creation in place is the Biggest Step in Creation Process.

This part of the study is one of the most important,  often left out in studies such as “The Secret” and others similar teachings.  It is IMPERATIVE that we master the levels of ‘feeling’ the feelings, not just thinking the thoughts.

Step 5:  Transcend and travel into the Quantum Field.  Essential that when all 3 steps above are accomplished that one enters into the transcendent state.  In our work we use both mantra and guided meditation.  I’ve found, after 46 years of meditating and 15 years of teaching, that we as westerners do not do so well when asked to enter into ‘no mind, no thought, no body. . . .etcetera.  Instead, while asking you to focus upon various power points inside the body, in the space inside the body, inside the inside, and then moving out into the field in all space beyond the body’s space. . . we use various mantras of light, healing and peace.  With the mind fixed upon mantra, one is able to transcend the mind and enter the eternal space of God/Self/self. 

It is there where we find the crowning glory of all that is good in, and of, us.  It is where we merge with Divine Intelligence and the Divine download into our own matrix occurs leaving us with the blueprint of the how, why & where this blessed event of creation occurs.

With that said, the world is your Pearl. . . there is NO thing that cannot be accomplished . . .and ALL things that are attainable await your brilliant performance in the 5 steps to “Choosing from Creation” and your own Audacity of Belief.

Here’s to  your very own Audacious Self.  Do let me know if you have any questions or comments on your experience.  See you any First Friday Free Meditation where we practice what we blog.

In Choosing the Creation of Freedom for One and All. . .

I am your devoted Aneeahseah Adalayah