Attention Quantum-Mind-Hack enthusiasts:

More Simple Secrets to Creating Real-Life Miracles 

Acquire Skills To Instantly Duplicate At Will 


Live On January 17, 2022 at 6:30 PM, PT


Aneeahseah here to reveal the end-game and the secrets I gained as one who literally 'died' on the operating table.  These lessons I offer, give you the chance to study wisdom of the expansive and remarkable life-and-death experience, in just one brilliant hours-webinar.  All this in a state of sheer joy! Stand by to have your mind blown!


In this Free Webinar you’ll learn:

✓ NEW for you, Quantum~Mind Solutions for every troubling life-situation that may arise

 ✓ What YOU need to know about the how the Quantum-Field works and how to have your 'spiritual awakening' cake and eat it too!

✓ Quantum Mind-Hack for rapid learning and application of the IHT~Way Work

✓ How to make Miracles a daily occurrence

✓ Self-Healing techniques, Inner~Sessions, that reveal the secret to the life you desire & deserve

✓ You'll hear from real-life students from a Pharmacist, a Reflexologist & an Animal Caretaker, all who practice the IHT~Way work and how it has vastly improved their lives.


Mark Your Calendar:

January 17, 2022 at 6:30PM PT









The IHT~Way is a very simple though profound application of Quantum Physics (QP).

In QP we say, the universe responds to 'who you are being' and not what you wish you had. Learn how to BE what you seek to have in your life!

In a world where dissatisfaction and suffering is on 'rapid-rise', having these simple tools in place arms you with the necessary ways to uplift any and all situations.

This is what many people consider miracles.

This is for you if you are truly tired of the world dictating what happens for you.

If you'd like to feel resilient once again or perhaps for the first time in your life, this is the golden one-hour Webinar for you. And for you who wonder, what is the Quantum World all about and why should it matter to me, this is for you!

This Workshop is a Must Watch if…


✔ You’re a super successful professional (in any field) looking to have an edge (quantum-edge) to add to your skillset and corner your market with this added advantage.


✔ You’re feeling stuck and a little bored in your life, looking for a BIG and NEW refresh to feel excited once again.


✔ You’re an established Business person, Private Practitioner, Mom or Dad who wants to expand your life beyond your wildest imaginings to get to the next level in 2022.

A Note From Aneeahseah

After arriving back from my 'near death' experience, I began my life-long studies on all aspects of how I got so ill in the first place AND, most importantly, How to keep clear to never have that happen again.

Utilizing reverse engineering I took what delivered me to my death-bed and did the reverse actions and turned them into the remarkable teachings I now offer.

I just knew there must be another way. Not only did I spend 25+ years at a modern-day Monastery/Ashram, but I discovered deep spiritual & quantum truths that I synthesized into the profound, yet simple to do, work I now teach. I would periodically leave the Spiritual home and go to big cities like NYC & LA and offer this work to the many and saw ongoing miracles occurring for my students.

If you want to make 2022 the best year in your life, beginning right now...this is the one Webinar you want to take advantage of to become the Master of your own Mind.

Take control of your Mind and you'll take control of your Power!  No need to do those years & decades in 'spiritual' studies that do not progress you...  Do It Now!