Ignite your Quantum & Human Genius

Right Here & Right Now!

Imagine whittling away months or years of uncertainty, pain, frustration & confusion. You’ll leave this 3 Month program with a newly found fire that courses through you like a wild stallion, expanding you beyond your previous levels of achievement to the field of all possibilities as the miracles literally pour in. . . continuously!

I'm here to reveal the end-game and the secrets I gained when I literally 'died' on the operating table. 

These lessons I offer, give you the chance to study wisdom of the expansive and remarkable life experiences, in just three brilliant months of Quantum-Mind Master Classes. 

All this in a state of sheer joy! Ready yourself to have your mind blown!

Are you ready and willing to reveal your unique connection to the Quantum-Field as your Co-Creator and discover how that raises your game? 

Imagine that over the three months in Quantum-Mind Master Class you will learn...

How the synthesizing of your 3-D Goals along with the added rocket fuel of the Quantum-Mind strategies & teachings, work:

  • All of the 3-D components will set your course for both the practical and the realistic parts of your 2022 plan

  • The Quantum-Mind components become the 'wind beneath your wings' and add the edge that takes your life from basic to beyond brilliant!

3-D components

  • Goals, goals & goals will be determined and set into motion for the rest of your year's most successful outcome

  • Excitement abounds when you use your 168 hours per week and allocate them into the best schedule for you

  • Your to-do's & scheduling automated

  • All your program components available to you via Base Camp in group & private files & documents.

Quantum-Mind components

  • Quantum~Mind Solutions for every troubling life-situation that may arise

  • What YOU need to know about how the Quantum-Field works and how to have your 'spiritual and Quantum Awakening' cake and eat it too!

  • Multiple Quantum Mind-Hacks for rapid learning and application of the IHT Q-M Work

  • How to distinguish...between the habits of the human ego-mind and your Divine Intelligence, and how to supersede the previous lifetime of 'mistaken listening' and the disasters this brings about

  • To Connect...deeply with your truest desires so you can create the life you want to live.  Set the Goals and schedules to support this brilliant life

  • To Take Action...toward going above & beyond the survival and victim tendencies of pain, fear and lack.

  • To Harness...your Quantum-Mind that powerfully resides within you, co-creating your remarkable life.

  • To Release...
    and obliterate all that no longer serves you, using proven techniques of accessing the Quantum Mind.

  • To Turn Inward...into the ultra-rich field of All Possibility through direct Quantum-Mind Consciousness

  • To Apply...this brilliant body of work genuinely into daily action in the "real world." 

  • To Manifest...
    All that you desire and finally start living THE life you deserve to live!

In This exciting course, you'll be working and studying along-side with advanced students & IHT-Way Coaches: A Pharmacist, a Reflexologist & an Animal Caretaker, all who practice the IHT~Way work and see and hear how it has vastly improved their lives.

Here's all the Buzz about Aneeahseah's Quantum-Mind 3 Month Master Class:

Mike Gantenbein

Director of Marketing, Britt Music & Arts Festival

While attending the Invincible Heart Tradition's Master Class at about two weeks in, I noticed a change in my level of self-confidence which has grown so much during the course I was able to make leaps of faith necessary to attain my dreams.   Within two months of the Master Class ending and using techniques and strategies I learned in the course, I attained my long desired dream of being hired as Marketing Director of a prominent not-for-profit organization that also feeds my creative desires.  Give it a try! The only things you will lose are your fears and anxieties… 

Shoshana Leopold, M.S., M.Ed.

Educator at Logos, Owner RVReflexology

As a New York Jew born after World War 2, one of the most difficult challenges in my life has been what I learned as a member of tribe: the belief that suffering is necessary and noble. With my work in the Invincible Heart Traditions I am transforming all of that. I can truly say that when I apply the IHT techniques, I have a direct pipeline to my personal Divinity, therefore happiness! One of these “happinesses” is my current Shoshana Healing Arts Practice (SHA)…a match I made in Wellness-Heaven. Thank you Aneeahseah.

Zhaddi (Tricia) De Felice

Owner “While They Happily Wait” pet care, Talent, OR

My Life is ecstatic due to my Invincible Heart Traditions work with Aneeahseah. I joined Aneeahseah’s Master Class thinking my dream, a satellite Feline Rehab Center affiliated with our local animal shelter, may take years to achieve. To my surprise and delight, very soon after beginning our Class the first Shelter, called Puck’s Place, was funded, designed, built and in operation saving feline lives. This work has enabled me get to the point that I believed this was a possibility NOW, not ten years from now.  I love every minute of my life and I have The Invincible Heart Traditions to thank for the ongoing expert training, love and support throughout the process of creation!

Aneeahseah Adalayah

Through the path of Invincible Heart Traditions, Aneeahseah teaches her students to access their own connection with Divine Quantum-Mind, to create their future, just as they have always dreamed it to be, and beyond.

This is the Audacity of Belief and is the stuff true miracles are made of.

"On the other side of fear, survival, pain and lack is a deeper love than you have ever known or imagined! As you continue your practice of the tools, techniques and systems that you study you’ll experience ongoing and significant changes in your world. Many of my students proclaim that miracles are a daily event and something they are becoming jubilantly accustomed to!"

- Aneeahseah

Just imagine...

What could you do with the unique teachings inside the 2022 Quantum-Mind Master Class group, led by renowned, accomplished teacher and Quantum-Mind Thought Leader, Aneeahseah?

Join her with the senior student Alumni and coaches of this work, the Invincible Heart Traditions rich body of trainings & your team-members on this honorable path of 'on Earth as it is in Heaven'. Below is list of the tools and features provided in this Master Class.

  • Sunday Quantum-Mind advanced meditation practices to practice what you learned in the 3 Month Master Class program with Aneeahseah for 6 months from Mid February through mid August, 2020. Value of over $1,000
  • Four (4) Aneeahseah IHT sessions, Value of over $800
    • Private zoom meetings with Aneeahseah to further outline and detail your personal path to greatness & fulfillment.
  • 12  Group Zoom programs presented weekly, where our intimate class has the opportunity to explore with Aneeahseah and your team-mates questions, answers, and sharing in an exhilarating and safe, like-minded atmosphere.
  • 3 private IHT~Way Sessions with each of our IHT-Way Coaches, value $300+
  • Unlimited platform access for questions & answers, log, share, reach out with your 'what did you do when. . .' questions & get supported by your 3 Month Master Class Team-Mates.
  • Ongoing platform access for private questions & answers with Aneeahseah. Any time-night or day, reach out, write your thoughts, questions, statements of where you are... and get an answer within 6 hours or sooner. Value of over $4,000.
  • One full Free Day with Aneeahseah when you book another day. Daily rates & tuitions available when you book. The tuition today is $2,500 per day. Value of $2,500
    • Private Shaman/Life Quantum-Mystic oriented day, designed just for you at the beautiful Lithia Springs Resort. Enjoy the power of your own life unfolding before you with joyous realizations & outrageous new ways to look at your world to think 'outside your box' thus creating the nirvana you seek

Pricing Options

Our 3 Month Master Class tuition is $3,600 and offers two convenient payment options. Choose from either the Payment Plan of 3 monthly tuition payments at $1200 or save 15% on tuition by paying in full now.

Payment Plan


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3 monthly payments of $1200 per month


Pay in Full


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Who is this 6 Month Master Class NOT for?

  • This program is not for those who already have all they wish in life, whether material or spiritual.  Don't apply...
  • You who refuse to let go of your victim status.  Those are the ones who insist they are at the effect of circumstances outside of themselves. This is NOT for you.
  • It is not for those who want to continue to make excuses about not having enough time or the resources to work on themselves & their lives.
  • Or of those who are emotionally over-identified, addicted, to their past difficulties and who don’t want to let that story go.

SO who IS this program for?  It is a MUST if:

  • You are a person who is ready to take their life to the next level.
  • Those who have heard that attaining a genius mind is a real potential and who want to discover how to mine this rich and as yet fully untapped resource.
  • You’re a super successful professional (in any field) looking to have an edge (quantum-edge) to add to your skillset and corner your market with this added advantage.
  • You’re feeling stuck and a little bored in your life, looking for a BIG and NEW refresh to feel excited once again.
  • The person that knows that they need a real breakthrough and is ready to step up and claim it!
  • The Spiritualist, the Quantum-curious, the Family Man or Woman, the Entrepreneur ready to take responsibility for their Lives.
  • If you 'know' there must be more to life than what you have experienced thus far, no matter how successful you are.
  • Those who have 'made it' according to societal norms and who are just not satisfied.
  • For people who want to have more understanding of the Quantum Field, spirituality or mysticism in their daily lives so as to truly create Heaven on Earth.
  • For those who are tired of playing small and who want a positive and joyous pathway to their True Self!

It’s Time! Reveal how this 3 Month Master Class can give you the true meaning of your Quantum-Mind and Destiny.   Bring about Your Genius, Power & Success right here in the Real World, right now!

A Note From Aneeahseah

After arriving back from my 'near death' experience, I began my life-long studies on all aspects of how I got so ill in the first place AND, most importantly, How to keep clear to never have that happen again.

Utilizing reverse engineering I took what delivered me to my death-bed and did the reverse actions and turned them into the remarkable teachings I now offer.

I just knew there must be another way. Not only did I spend 25+ years at a modern-day Monastery/Ashram, but I discovered deep spiritual & quantum truths that I synthesized into the profound, yet simple to do, important work I now teach.

If you want to make 2022 the best year in your life, beginning right now...this is the one Program you want to take advantage of to become the Master of your own Mind.

Take control of your Mind and you'll take control of your Power! No need to do these years & decades in 'spiritual' studies that do not progress you.. Do It Now!

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