About Aneeahseah and Invincible Heart Traditions

A journey all the way from the unbearable to the extraordinary, Aneeahseah lives her astounding life true to the nature of her ability to create what she focuses upon.

Aneeahseah had a tragic near death experience at the age of 17. She met God!

Much to her surprise, due to her lifetime experiences, the God she met dearly and completely loved, cherished and approved of her. She simultaneously experienced herself as this prominent Deity, as herself and as the Love between, within and all around God and herself. In this life changing experience she fully experienced Divine Intelligence Source. A God Conscious state merging with all levels heavens filled with loving Deities, multitudes of Divine Beings, Spirit Guides and angels.

From this passing experience Aneeahseah returned to her body aware of her own Creation force in Purusha, a state she has come to know as the Quantum Field, knowing how to walk in the here and now in full power of that knowledge. In the past 2 years this has been scientifically proven in brain wave and and mind-mapping tests by Jeffrey Fannin PhD, of Thought Genius.

Much to her surprise, as she returned from the death experience, she was fully capable of hearing the thoughts of the priest rendering her the last rights as well as the surgeons working on saving her life.

This experience literally, and quantum-ally, uploaded an awareness of her, and all peoples, Oneness with Divinity and thus began the unique 46 year odyssey of sourcing wisdom from this place of God Consciousness and a deep longing & dedication to impart these teachings to others.

Loving living, meditating and studying these states, she began to realize her ability to cognize Higher truths, read the Akashic records and channel the Christ/Buddha and Collective Consciousness to enable herself and her growing student body to thrive and live by. Reverse engineering the path she took in creating her own near death, she knew, and now teaches, how to fully embrace, love, create and live life!

Renowned for her intuitive and precise medical empath and healing gifts, she joyously dedicates her life to assuring her students realize their own abilities to have the same capabilities, each in their own personal calling.

After the NDE, returning to a vibrant and productive life, she enjoyed partying for a while. From there in mid 20s, she proceeded to establish a prominent and successful Alternative Healing center on the East Coast, helped to Found and inspire a renowned Chiropractic College in Texas, and was a Founding member of the Board of Directors for Columcille Megalith Park, the remarkable Celtic spiritual center in Pennsylvania. Called from the calling of her Soul to expand her vital reach of love, wisdom, healing, and awakening to a greater number of people, she knew she had completed her work with these projects and it was time to further "Find God" and remind humanity, this is who they are.

Having traveled to many of the world’s greatest temples and lands she has happily made her home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. For more than two decades, Aneeahseah lived and studied in a modern-day monastic ashram, studying, praying, meditating, chanting and advancing her Spiritual Prowess.

She continues to advance her multitude of Spiritual Truths by studying with the world’s greatest Teachers, Quantum Physicists, Spiritualists, and Mystics, and mostly communing directly with Divine Creator and many levels of Deity ‘in Heaven’, at home, in the beautiful Invincible Heart Center in Southern Oregon.

Through the path of Invincible Heart Traditions, Aneeahseah teaches her students to access their own connection with Divine Creator to create their future, just as they have always dreamed it to be, and beyond. This is the Audacity of Belief and is the stuff true miracles are made of.