The Invincible Heart Traditions:

A Quantum~Mind solution for your Remarkable Life

Invincible Heart Traditions, is a solution-based program of study that brings about Balance, Valor and the Choice to Be, Do and Have what so ever one desires in their lives. It is a synthesis of the life studies and works of its founder, Aneeahseah Adalayah Statile, in her remarkable life.

This work is offered in dynamic, private one-on-one sessions and in group studies through workshops and retreats with Aneeahseah. This life-changing work is also presented by “Team Invincible” Teachers who offer beginning coaching programs in the IHT~Way and Creation Healing. The works include Creation Meditation© and Inner~Sessions©, designed for harnessing the inner power that we all contain but do not necessarily know how to wield...

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Aneeahseah takes you Inside her amazing life journey all the way from the unbearable to the extraordinary. She serves as an exemplar by living her truth as she illustrates how she overcame an agonizing past. To uplift everyone’s earth-walk from wherever they currently exist and into higher levels of Joy, Peace, Freedom and BE-ing, she teaches the very same solutions she discovered in her own “life Lessons” that took her from obscurity and into spiritual & worldly triumphs. She reminds us all that the blocks in our life are simply our Life Lessons and NOT a Life Sentence.

Through studies of the Invincible Heart Traditions, Aneeahseah teaches her students to access and create their own future through training of consciousness and the energy that creates their own reality.  Attainment of the unlimited potential of all creation is accomplished through their connection with and in the Quantum Field, also known as the Morphogenic Field. Students become their own life architects attaining their desired future, just as they have always dreamed it to be. This is the Audacity of Belief in action and it is the stuff miracles are made of.  In actuality, Miracles happen when preparation and creation are joined through one’s consciousness and energy in ‘The Field’.

The Invincible Heart Traditions exists for your Remarkable Life…for your Realizations, Dreams, Aspirations and Creations.  Just as Aneeahseah was able to do, you too will be capable of overcoming difficult life conditions and enjoy the achievements you are ready for.  

For the student who is sincere in their search for a Powerful Life of Health, Wealth, Awakening and Sovereignty, this is the opportunity you will thank yourself endlessly for discovering!

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"When your inner dreams and outward reality become the same, you'll know your practices are 'working'."

- Aneeahseah Adalayah Statile


Turning Dreams Into Creation

"I had thought about the job I wanted, on & off, for about the past 8 years. Thinking that it would likely not come into reality. I began my Invincible Heart Traditions work with Aneeahseah, applied the teachings, techniques & practices & shortly after the course ended I had created this 'dream job', interviewed for it & obtained the job as Marketing Director at one of the best known, Non-Profit, Arts Showcase in Southern Oregon. This work really works!"

- Mike Gantenbein, Ashland, OR

Once Addicted, Now Not

My story: Though I was very successful in business & had the life many wish for, I was deeply addicted to opiates…Heroin & Morphine for 20+ years. 13 years ago now,  a friend told me her spiritual healer/shaman was coming to NYC. At my appointment  I found myself sharing parts of my life and psyche with her that were complex and with her Quantum~Mind work & insights I understood things though a significantly clearer lens allowing for a retention of revelations. Aneeahseah’s work also shook up my energies, reduced negativity & released positivity. Our sessions were like years of therapy and a week long spiritual retreat in a few hours time.

Now, 13 years later, and I’m pleased to say I am still clean and sober, and I am forever grateful. I regard her energy and the work we did together to be of the most profound and integral of my journey.

I hope this encourages all people who are struggling with issues to give Aneeahseah's methods and approach a solid try. No matter how big or small your issue is, take it to her elevated works:  If I was able to have such a significant & life changing experience from where I was to where I am now, which is huge, you certainly can too!"

- J, NY, NY

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