The Soul's Supreme Flight

Imagine the formerly unimaginable:

Imagine... a world without disease & disorder

About Creation Healing, the Soul’s Supreme Flight

Welcome to a calling from the calling of your Heart & Soul. Just imagine what it might be like to live with the freedom to be healthy, abundant, joyous, peaceful & awakened!

Creation Healing, the Soul’s Supreme Flight (CHSSF), is an Energetic Healing process. It is brought to us by founder and Creation Healing Master, Aneeahseah Adalayah Statile. This powerful & pervasive methodology, CHSSF, calls in the God-Given & highest vibration which is guided by your ordained and certified Creation-Healer and yourself.

This group is led by the Founder of CHSSF, a forty plus year, Creation Healing Master, Aneeahseah, and accompanied by: Robert Fogerite, Zhaddi (Tricia) De Felice & Shoshana Leopold. They stand ready to ignite the state of Omni-awareness within themselves and you to bring about a co-created, agreed upon vision for a life filled with abundant well-being.

Accompanied by your Creation Healer, you’ll be encouraged and trained in how to relax and prepare to receive your personal guidance & Mantra Infused Healing Energies as the essence of the God of YOUR path is guided by your Creation Healer and you.

It is our belief that no one heals you but your own Divine Source. We are specially trained to enter into the state of Supreme Self to channel the highest energies of your greatest Self.

CHSSF truths you will benefit from knowing:

  • You will be able to bring balance to your tired and unstable life
  • Creation Healing is not a religion, therefore all paths are welcomed and encouraged here
  • After your session, you will be primed to notice less or no anxiety, as well as an uplifting of negative emotions and other lower vibrational energies
  • Clients report a remarkable difference in all levels of discomfort & discord, including but not limited to:
    • Reduction in levels of, or complete cessation of, pain and suffering from physical and emotional issues
    • Capacity to walk without pain
      A truly beautiful mind that is no longer plagued with negative, pervasive, unresourceful thoughts
    • No longer plagued with obsessive and compulsive inner-negotiations
    • A 13 year-long return to lasting sobriety after a former 20-year opiate addiction

Join us to evoke your True Self that is patiently awaiting activation and greater awakenings. Isn’t it time that you met the great one that you are? Isn’t it time for you to BE the Hero you came here to Meet?

Appointments can be had anywhere in our world at a convenient time for you. Please read on to select your very own Creation Healer and book an appointment.

Looking forward to seeing you in all the very best emotional, mental, physical & spiritual states that are possible for you, Now, Always and in All ways!

Meet The Healers

Robert Fogerite, PharmD., CHSSF Certified

Robert's Journey to Serving You…

Robert graduated from Sacred Heart University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise science. Always having had a strong appreciation for science and physiology, merged with the desire to help others heal, led him to furthering his studies through entering pharmacy school. Robert received a Doctorate of pharmacy from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy Health Sciences in 2013.

After a major life event/change in 2016, Robert had a massive spiritual awakening. In 2017, Robert started along a new path of study with Shaman and Quantum~Mind Spiritual leader Aneeahseah that introduced him to natural healing options such as nutrition (food as medicine), essential oils, supplements, meditation, and much more. He found these methods of healing and spiritual practices to bring so much transformation, vitality, and joy into his life that he decided to engage in further studies with Aneeahseah.

In January of 2018, after a profound personal experience as the recipient of Creation Healing, he committed himself to study spiritual healing and was ordained in the first ever class of Creation Healing, The Soul’s Supreme Flight. With tenderness, compassion, and peace, Robert works with others through utilization of the Frequency potential in Creation Healing for their wellbeing needs and goals whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Robert is happily practicing Creation Healing from beautiful Sacramento, California and all over the world for Love, Energy, Vibration & Frequency have no bounds.  

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Shoshana Leopold, B.A, M.S., M.Ed., CHSSF Certified

Shoshana is the happy & grateful founder of Shoshana’s Healing Arts (SHA).

With over 20 years of experience in Reflexology, Aromatherapy & Science Education, Shoshana offers a welcoming & nurturing environment designed to meet the needs of each Creation Healing client. She is dedicated to helping others reach their highest potential for health and wellbeing.

As a young woman, Shoshana learned that Western medicine is only one in a myriad of methods that would help people be vibrant & healthy. She soon became fascinated by the benefits offered by holistic health traditions, including Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Reflexology. Growing in the understanding that our natural tendency is to be healthy, she explored a variety of holistic complimentary traditions for her family & herself. Shoshana happily learned just how powerful these healing methods are!

It was in Reflexology that Shoshana found a great professional fit. With Reflexology, she focuses her work on creating full body relaxation, improved energy & optimal function throughout the body. A part time Reflexologist since 2003, Shoshana left the world of Science Education to begin her full-time practice in 2017.

As she grew her business, Shoshana expanded into Aromatherapy & Creation Healing, a profound form of energetic spiritual healing taught by Master Healer & Creator Aneeahseah Statile of the Invincible Heart Traditions. With Creation Healing, the Souls Supreme Flight SHA offers the opportunity for clients to experience their natural state of wellbeing in person or remotely.

Shoshana resides in beautiful Ashland, Oregon where she extends her talents in Energetic~Healing to those in the area, or all around the world. For time and space are the CHSSF Wellbeing Rooms where Love, Compassion, Vibration & Frequency are unlimited. Join Shoshana in imagining & creating a world in which it is perfectly natural to feel great!
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Zhaddi (Tricia) De Felice, M.A., CHSSF Certified

Zhaddi lived the majority of her life in the excitement of the Big Apple, working, learning, growing and playing! When she met Aneeahseah & her Quantum~Mind solutions work, she knew that there was more inner work to be had for her to live the life of joy she always imagined for herself. This realization propelled her to move to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to her beloved teacher to deepen and fortify the IHT~Way Wisdom she was learning.

Zhaddi is a graduate of, and was ordained in the Energy-Healer~Ministery in the Creation Healing, The Soul’s Supreme Flight (CHSSF) Advanced healing program.

Her CHSSF studies and her 25-year Reiki Master focus synthesized with Zhaddi’s rigorous apprentice program working directly with Master Healer & Creator of CHSSF, Aneeahseah, for 17 years.
CHSSF has brought her Energy Work to an extremely high level of applied focus providing Life-changing Energetic healings in the areas of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual accomplishment.

Studying and mastering CHSSF, and much more of the IHT wisdom, Zhaddi happily lives a joyfully balanced and ever evolving life helping those in need including her rescues at her “Pucks Place” feline rehab facility, she founded and is also the sought-after owner of While They Happily Wait Pet Care.

With the quality and "miracles" evident in her energy work, Zhaddi brings profound opportunities for greater wellbeing and is dedicated to offering these benefits to all humans and animals who seek wellness through the energetic and spiritual healing of CHSSF.

Zhaddi & her kitty family are happily practicing Creation Healing in beautiful Talent, Oregon, as well as all around the world for Love, Energy, Vibration & Frequency are boundless.

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