Sovereignty and Cognitive Dissonance.

sovereignty and cognitive dissonance. Mar 19, 2018


 What’s the story?  How are they connected & disconnected?  What’s the potential here?

What it really means to you, the Invincible Heart Spiritualist:

 Here we tune in to a Satsang that Aneeahseah delivered to her Sunday Morning Practices.  Her most earnest efforts are to deliver humankind from their troubling and sometimes traumatized minds with her Solution Based Personal & Spiritual Freedom teachings.

Complete freedom does not come when we have enough reasoning to make us feel better.  It does not come from owning enough to cover up that inner lack and fear.  That freedom does not come from having steel bars at your windows nor an arsenal or food stores. That freedom does not come from anything but the liberation of our minds from what has societally plagued us and our ancestors. 

Time to take back your own mind!

Where are your own personal thoughts going to live when you give away your mind by not profoundly owning it?  IF you are not focusing your own mind and connecting it with your heart, someone, somewhere is willing to bet on your predilection for victimization.  A desire for someone else to fix you or take care of you.

Invincible definitions for the purpose of this Blog:

Sovereignty:  Supreme Self-power; Freedom over all external control especially our pre-set, sub-conscious conditioning; a controlling influence

Cognitive Dissonance (CD): Total inability to accept any belief outside of your own.  No matter how much evidence or proof one receives, they automatically refuse to accept or even look at another way but their own. In CD, there is always conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously.

Our activities on this and all days are towards peaceful unification, the Oneness of all beings, peacemakers on this and all planets, all time-flows and all Universes.  The Greatest Universal Law is: whatsoever is done is good for the All.  Period.  There can be no good for one that is not good for the all.

Not the Few.

Not the chosen ones.

Not just those with lots of money.

Not just those without financial standing.

As healers, and so many of you are who are reading this...though there may not currently be a sign on your door saying so... you notice what needs uplifting and that’s what we do.  We uplift what is no longer a desired outcome in our world.

Exactly how do we uplift a thing?  How do we know that we are called or scheduled to uplift anything?  We remember we placed ourselves upon this planet, in these bodies, to walk with humankind & release ourselves to the Truths that we are all Divine.  To know someone else is Divine IS NOT to give over your power.  Sovereignty is key here.  Strengthening all others as we strengthen our selves

We apply healing techniques we know.  To know that many, MANY, of the issues seen in mainstream media and in alternative media that I’ve been speaking about, are absolutely becoming resolved…RIGHT NOW. 

I asked that you look at human trafficking to uplift it…you did…  It started in Hollywood & beyond with the Me Too movement, which then morphed into including men as well… and the ball is now rolling.  We will witness in the upcoming months the corruption being healed, the children and other human slaves being released and much more.  Watch for it.  Look for it as if it is already happening.

You/We, who have participated in our sincere and remarkable programs of FreedOm Breath and QuantuMantra, have done a marvelous job.  Keep up the Power of Belief that we began during our New Year’s eve program. 

For those of you who cannot see what I see, your experience tells you that my abilities go beyond what a ‘normally’ functioning person has ability to perceive. 

ALL have the ability when they arrive at the level of creation of that ability through our or other profound practice.  Including moving beyond the above stated definition of Cognitive Dissonance.  When your desire to know exceeds your need to fear, to hide, to remove yourself from the solution…your abilities will arrive. …we changed what no longer worked by including it in practices.  You can too!

It is time for our humanity to be led by those who see these greater Truths to rise up in cooperation, harmony and embody higher dimensional expressions.  End greed & competition.  Enliven the highest order of the greatest we can imagine and then go from there even further to the levels beyond the beyond.

Enlightenment through Freedom.  That’s where I imagine all who use their Free Will to gain this seemingly illusive attainment.

I love and thank you immensely!